for a faster and safer medication administration process.

Suitable for any type of hospital ward.

Smart Therapy integrates the logistics process with a bedside point-of-care system to enable a closed-loop process for tracking medication accountability.

Focus on patient safety and costs reduction, Smart Therapy cart improves pharmacotherapy while giving a smart support to the medication administration process

The system eliminates the need for automated dispensing cabinet, since the medication process can now be performed bedside guaranteeing full traceability. In favor of a better governance, based on smart stock cart.

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Innovative solution

IPSA’s technology combines Italian design with a smart system, based on an intelligent therapy cart, able to provide hospitals with a veriable return on investment.

Smart Therapy enables nurses to keep the needed medications in one mobile and secure cart. Nurses spend more time on direct patient care and less time in the logistics process, avoiding the common administration errors.

IPSA’s unique guiding technology helps nurses to quickly identify the right drawer adding speed and convenience to the medication administration process.

More Safety & Quality, lower Risk & Costs



Thanks to the use of the intelligent therapy cart, nurses are assisted in the medication administration process being guided by the system at every stage. To allow a bedside therapy preparation. Nurses are able to spend more time on direct patient care. IPSA therapy carts allow nurses to administer medications more quickly, saving time for other patient care activities.


The demand for drugs is automatically calculated based on effective prescriptions and the load / unload activities are supported by the system. For a real-time inventory. The need for automated dispensing cabinets is eliminated, providing a lower total cost of ownership.


Designed following best practices in the medication administration process, therapy carts are able to track the whole medication process to provide real-time data.

The system ensures the patient’s ‘six rights of medication administration’ and minimizes manual documentation and administration waiting times.


Smart Therapy, A system fully integrable with the hospital information systems (HIS, EPR, Logistics), HL7 compliant.

A guided medication administration process with automatic identification of healthcare operators, patients and drugs. Each transaction is automatically recorded also thanks to hands-free operations and controlled drawers’ opening.

Withdrawal of medicines from drawers is controlled thanks to the electronic unlock feature.

Manages all types of medicines: packed drugs and unit doses.

Manages all routes of drugs administration and all dosage forms.

High load capacity to serve the needs of each operating unit.

Carts are customizable acording to specific requirements.

Automatic calculation of the stock of medicines. For a real-time inventory. The demand is calculated according to Just in time and Kanban principles,by active ingredient.

Hot-swappable battery provides true portability with long duration.

Smart drawer features:

Eliminates the manual process of labeling drawers. The specific drawers are automatically assigned via the software.

Drawers’ opening is guided minimizing the risk of administering the wrong medication to a patient.

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